Revenue Pool Settlement Summary

The Revenue Pool Settlement Summary screen is the final screen that appears when settling Revenue Pool transactions. Once you have reviewed all of the transactions for all unit elements, you can finalize the Revenue Pool settlement process from this screen.

Select the Settle Revenue Pool button to settle the transactions. Once OPERA processes all of the transactions, the amount appears in the Settle Amount column, and the element code is marked as settled.

This screen consists of two main areas; the Header and the Grid.

Header Area

The Header area displays the account name, account balance, and the begin and end date for the account period.

Grid Area

The grid provides a summary of activity in the account, by unit element. The grid displays the following information:

Element Code. The element code

Description. A description of the element.

Total Amount. The total balance on the account.

Settled Amount. Once the Settle Revenue Pool button is selected, this is the amount settled.

Settled. If the account is settled, an X appears in this column for each unit element.

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