Yield Management Report Group

RMS Override - The RMS Override Report allows you to track overrides that have been made in Opera PMS.

RMS Rate Code - The RMS Rate Code Report can be used to determine the Rate Strategies) that have been set for indicated rate codes.

RMS Setup - The Yield Setup (Rooms) Report displays Room Type, Product Class (SPEC, BASE), and Flow Through statistics. This report can be used to determine what product class is assigned to each room type in Opera PMS as well as indicating to you which room type is their Flow Through room type.

RMS Hurdle Point - RMS Hurdle Point displays all hurdle points (rates) for a property for a date range specified. The output is based on the activation of a Revenue Management license code. The report can be used by the hotel to check the Hurdle Point by Product Class/Yield Category for up to a year out and also indicates the Sell To Capacity values that have been set for the hotel in addition to providing you with inventory information.