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Table of Contents

Oracle Administration Console Product Overview
Administration Through the Web
Where to Get More Information
System Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Operating System Requirements
Browser Requirements
Setting Up Your Environment for the Oracle Administration Console
Starting tuxwsvr
Starting wlisten
Configuring the Administration Console
Starting the Oracle Administration Console
Exiting the Oracle Administration Console
Oracle Administration Console Tutorial
Step 1: Set Up Your Environment
Step 2: Create a New Domain
Step 4: Add Server simpserv to GROUP1
Step 5: Activate the simpapp Domain
Step 6: Run simpapp
A Tour of the Main Window
Main Window
Why Are the Main Window Items Blank or Inactive?
Resizing the Tree View and Configuration Tool Panes
Parts of the Main Window
Menu Bar
Toolbar Buttons
The Tree View
Parts of the Tree View
Expanding and Collapsing the Tree View
Searching for Objects in the Tree
The Tree View Quick Menu
Quick Menu Options
About the New Option
Using the Folders Option to Display or Hide Tree Items
The Configuration Tool Pane
Accessing the Configuration Tool Information for a Tree Object
Administration Tasks
Setting Up Your Oracle Tuxedo Administration Console
Setting General Default Parameters
Switching Edit and View Modes
Controlling What the Tree Displays
Creating Administrative Class Objects
Adding New Administrative Objects
Configuring Administrative Objects
Connecting to and Disconnecting from a Domain
How to Connect to a Domain
How to Disconnect from a Domain
Activating Your Domain and Domain Resources
How to Activate a Domain
How to Activate Class Objects
Activating Only Administrative Servers
How to Monitor the Progress of Activate
Deactivating Your Domain
How to Deactivate a Domain
How to Deactivate Class Objects
Deactivating Only Application Servers
Forcing Deactivation
How to Monitor the Progress of Deactivate
Migrating Tree Objects
Before Starting a Migrate Task
Displaying the Migrate Objects Window
Migrating a Server Group from One Machine to Another
Migrating All Servers from One Machine to Another Machine
Monitoring the Progress of Migrate
Swapping the Master and Backup Machines
Setting up Master and Backup Machines
Cleaning a Machine
How to Clean a Machine
Advertising, Unadvertising, Suspending, and Resuming Services
Advertise a Service
Unadvertise a Service
Suspend a Service
Resume a Suspended Service
Suspending, Resuming, and Killing Clients
Suspend a Client
Resume a Suspended Client
Kill a Client
Suspending, Resuming, and Killing Workstation Handlers
Suspending Workstation Handlers
Suspend a Workstation Handler
Resume a Suspended Workstation Handler
Kill a Workstation Handler
Opening and Closing Application Queue Spaces
Open an Application Queue Space
Close an Application Queue Space
Deleting Application Queue Messages
Delete Application Queue Messages
Aborting Transactions
Creating Bridges Between Machines
Create a Bridge
Suspend a Bridge
Resume a Suspended Bridge
Deactivate a Bridge
Security Administration
Creating ACL Groups
Managing Tuxedo CORBA Resources
Suspending and Resuming Interfaces
Suspending and Resuming Interface Queues
Viewing Attributes for Factories
Monitoring System Events
Viewing System Statistics
Viewing System Events
Viewing a ULOG File
Creating and Configuring Core Administrative Resources
Opening an Existing Domain
Opening an Existing Domain
Creating a New Domain
Hexadecimal Addresses
<a name="13000"></a>
<a name="12037"></a>
<a name="12017"></a>
<a name="13001"></a>
<a name="13002"></a>
<a name="12039"></a>
<a name="13003"></a>
<a name="12040"></a>
<a name="13004"></a>
<a name="13009"></a>
<a name="12081"></a>
<a name="13005"></a>
<a name="13011"></a>
<a name="12092"></a>
<a name="13079"></a>
<a name="13006"></a>
<a name="12085"></a>
<a name="13080"></a>
<a name="13007"></a>
<a name="12086"></a>
<a name="13081"></a>
<a name="13008"></a>
<a name="12082"></a>
Configuring Domain Resources (T_DOMAIN Class)
General Tab
<a name="12034"></a>
<a name="12390"></a>
<a name="12391"></a>
<a name="12392"></a>
<a name="12393"></a>
Security Tab
<a name="12033"></a>
<a name="12010"></a>
<a name="12043"></a>
<a name="12000"></a>
<a name="12035"></a>
<a name="12046"></a>
<a name="12036"></a>
Limits 1 Tab
<a name="12018"></a>
<a name="12020"></a>
<a name="12019"></a>
<a name="12021"></a>
<a name="12022"></a>
<a name="12027"></a>
<a name="12028"></a>
Limits 2 Tab
<a name="12025"></a>
<a name="12023"></a>
<a name="12029"></a>
<a name="12030"></a>
<a name="12026"></a>
<a name="12403"></a>
<a name="12024"></a>
Timers Tab
<a name="12032"></a>
<a name="12001"></a>
<a name="12002"></a>
<a name="12009"></a>
<a name="12031"></a>
System Parameters Tab
<a name="12038"></a>
<a name="12041"></a>
<a name="12045"></a>
<a name="12042"></a>
<a name="12044"></a>
Statistics 1 Tab
<a name="12012"></a>
<a name="12013"></a>
<a name="12011"></a>
<a name="12014"></a>
<a name="12015"></a>
<a name="12016"></a>
<a name="12048"></a>
<a name="12049"></a>
Statistics 2 Tab
<a name="12004"></a>
<a name="12005"></a>
<a name="12003"></a>
<a name="12006"></a>
<a name="12007"></a>
<a name="12008"></a>
<a name="12404"></a>
<a name="12405"></a>
<a name="12406"></a>
<a name="12407"></a>
Creating Machines
<a name="13010"></a>
<a name="12087"></a>
<a name="13013"></a>
<a name="12096"></a>
<a name="12087"></a>
<a name="13012"></a>
<a name="12093"></a>
Configuring Machines (T_MACHINE Class)
General Tab
<a name="12094"></a>
<a name="12095"></a>
<a name="12084"></a>
Networking Tab
<a name="12075"></a>
Security Tab
<a name="12077"></a>
<a name="12053"></a>
<a name="12049"></a>
<a name="12047"></a>
<a name="12048"></a>
Limits Tab
<a name="12057"></a>
<a name="12058"></a>
<a name="12060"></a>
<a name="12059"></a>
<a name="12072"></a>
<a name="12083"></a>
<a name="12410"></a>
Transaction Log Tab
<a name="12091"></a>
<a name="12074"></a>
<a name="12090"></a>
Statistics 1 Tab
<a name="12061"></a>
<a name="12062"></a>
<a name="12063"></a>
<a name="12064"></a>
<a name="12065"></a>
<a name="12052"></a>
<a name="12067"></a>
<a name="12068"></a>
<a name="12069"></a>
Statistics 2 Tab
<a name="12050"></a>
<a name="12051"></a>
<a name="12412"></a>
<a name="12054"></a>
<a name="12055"></a>
<a name="12056"></a>
<a name="12055"></a>
<a name="12056"></a>
<a name="TA_HWCLIENTS"></a>
<a name="TA_HWWSCLIENTS"></a>
Statistics 3 Tab
<a name="12066"></a>
<a name="12070"></a>
<a name="12073"></a>
<a name="12076"></a>
<a name="12078"></a>
<a name="12079"></a>
<a name="12088"></a>
<a name="12089"></a>
ACL Statistics Tab
<a name="12416"></a>
<a name="12417"></a>
<a name="12418"></a>
<a name="12419"></a>
Configuring Transactions (T_TRANSACTION Class)
General Tab
<a name="12323"></a>
<a name="12322"></a>
<a name="12321"></a>
<a name="12319"></a>
<a name="12318"></a>
Miscellaneous Tab
<a name="12314"></a>
<a name="12315"></a>
<a name="12316"></a>
<a name="12317"></a>
<a name="12320"></a>
Creating Groups
<a name="13016"></a>
<a name="13022"></a>
<a name="13019"></a>
<a name="12135"></a>
<a name="12105"></a>
<a name="12151"></a>
<a name="13014"></a>
<a name="12097"></a>
<a name="13015"></a>
<a name="12104"></a>
Configuring Groups (T_GROUP Class)
General Tab
<a name="12101"></a>
<a name="12099"></a>
<a name="12103"></a>
<a name="12098"></a>
Args Tab
<a name="12102"></a>
<a name="12100"></a>
Creating Servers
<a name="13017"></a>
<a name="12124"></a>
<a name="13018"></a>
<a name="12133"></a>
Configuring Servers (T_SERVER Class)
General Tab
<a name="12420"></a>
<a name="12128"></a>
<a name="12422"></a>
<a name="12125"></a>
Args Tab
<a name="12106"></a>
<a name="12107"></a>
<a name="12109"></a>
<a name="12108"></a>
<a name="12121"></a>
<a name="12134"></a>
Commands Tab
<a name="12126"></a>
<a name="12129"></a>
<a name="12131"></a>
System Parameters Tab
<a name="12132"></a>
<a name="12130"></a>
<a name="12120"></a>
<a name="12119"></a>
<a name="12425"></a>
<a name="12426"></a>
<a name="12424"></a>
<a name="12127"></a>
Statistics 1 Tab
<a name="12110"></a>
<a name="12111"></a>
<a name="12112"></a>
<a name="12113"></a>
<a name="12114"></a>
<a name="12123"></a>
<a name="12398"></a>
<a name="12399"></a>
<a name="12436"></a>
<a name="12437"></a>
Statistics 2 Tab
<a name="12115"></a>
<a name="12116"></a>
<a name="12117"></a>
<a name="12118"></a>
<a name="12122"></a>
Statistics 3 Tab
<a name="12427"></a>
<a name="12428"></a>
<a name="12429"></a>
<a name="12430"></a>
<a name="12431"></a>
<a name="12432"></a>
<a name="12433"></a>
<a name="12434"></a>
<a name="12435"></a>
<a name="12438"></a>
Creating Routing Tables
<a name="13052"></a>
<a name="13050"></a>
<a name="12303"></a>
<a name="13051"></a>
<a name="12304"></a>
<a name="13053"></a>
<a name="12306"></a>
Configuring Routing Tables (T_ROUTING Class)
General Tab
<a name="12305"></a>
<a name="12302"></a>
Creating Service Defaults
<a name="13020"></a>
<a name="13021"></a>
<a name="12144"></a>
<a name="12150"></a>
Configuring Service Defaults (T_SERVICE Class)
General Tab
<a name="12143"></a>
<a name="12142"></a>
<a name="12140"></a>
System Parameters Tab
<a name="12141"></a>
<a name="12146"></a>
<a name="12136"></a>
<a name="12145"></a>
<a name="12137"></a>
<a name="12147"></a>
<a name="12138"></a>
<a name="12148"></a>
<a name="12139"></a>
<a name="12149"></a>
Creating Services
Configuring Services (T_SVCGRP Class)
General Tab
<a name="12152"></a>
<a name="12153"></a>
<a name="12154"></a>
System Parameters Tab
Creating Devices
<a name="13047"></a>
<a name="12311"></a>
<a name="13049"></a>
<a name="12313"></a>
<a name="13048"></a>
<a name="13045"></a>
<a name="12308"></a>
<a name="13046"></a>
<a name="12309"></a>
Configuring Devices (T_DEVICE Class)
General Tab
<a name="12310"></a>
<a name="12307"></a>
<a name="12312"></a>
Configuring Clients (T_CLIENT Class)
General Tab
<a name="12172"></a>
<a name="12173"></a>
<a name="12174"></a>
<a name="12175"></a>
<a name="12176"></a>
<a name="12177"></a>
<a name="12439"></a>
<a name="12178"></a>
System Parameters Tab
<a name="12155"></a>
<a name="12156"></a>
<a name="12157"></a>
<a name="12158"></a>
<a name="12397"></a>
<a name="12160"></a>
<a name="12161"></a>
Statistics Tab
<a name="12162"></a>
<a name="12163"></a>
<a name="12164"></a>
<a name="12165"></a>
<a name="12166"></a>
<a name="12167"></a>
<a name="12168"></a>
<a name="12169"></a>
<a name="12170"></a>
<a name="12171"></a>
Configuring Bridges (T_BRIDGE Class)
General Tab
<a name="12291"></a>
<a name="12292"></a>
<a name="12293"></a>
Timers Tab
<a name="12295"></a>
<a name="12296"></a>
Statistics Tab
<a name="12297"></a>
<a name="12298"></a>
<a name="12299"></a>
<a name="12300"></a>
<a name="12301"></a>
Creating and Configuring Application Queues
Application Queues
Creating Application Queues
Configuring Application Queues (T_APPQ Class)
General Tab
Queue Message Tab
Retries Tab
Command Tab
Application Queue Spaces
Creating Application Queue Spaces
Configuring Application Queue Spaces (T_APPQSPACE Class)
General Tab
Disk/Pages Tab
Queue Tab
Transaction Tab
Process Tab
Message Tab
Application Queue Messages
Configuring Application Queue Messages (T_APPQMSG Class)
General Tab
Queue Message Tab
Statistics Tab
Application Queue Transactions
Configuring Application Queue Transactions (T_APPQTRANS Class)
General Tab
Creating and Configuring Workstation Listeners and Handlers
Workstation Listeners (WSLs)
Creating Workstation Listeners
Configuring Workstation Listeners (T_WSL Class)
General Tab
Options Tab
System Parameters Tab
Statistics Tab
Workstation Handlers (WSHs)
Configuring Workstation Handlers (T_WSH Class)
General Tab
Handler Info Tab
Statistics Tab
Creating and Configuring Access Control Lists
ACL Groups
Creating ACL Groups
Configuring ACL Groups (T_ACLGROUP Class)
General Tab
ACL Principals
Creating ACL Principals
Configuring ACL Principals (T_ACLPRINCIPAL Class)
General Tab
Creating ACLs
Configuring ACLs (T_ACLPERM Class)
General Tab
Creating and Configuring Tuxedo CORBA Resources
Creating a New CORBA Interface
Configuring a CORBA Interface (T_INTERFACE)
General Tab
System Parameters Tab
Policies Tab
Statistics Tab
CORBA Interface Queues (T_IFQUEUE)
Viewing a CORBA Interface Queue Configuration (IF_QUEUE)
General Tab
Policies Tab
System Parameters Tab
Statistics Tab
Viewing a CORBA Factory Configuration
General Tab
Architecture and Implementation
Architecture Overview
Running the Web Server
Configuring the Oracle Tuxedo Administration Console
Running wlisten
Starting the Oracle Tuxedo Administration Console (for Nonexpert Users)
Starting the Oracle Tuxedo Administration Console (for Developers)
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