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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 System Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2017

How to Configure a Device Group on the Secondary Cluster

Before You Begin

Complete the procedure How to Configure a Device Group on the Primary Cluster.

  1. Access nodeC by assuming the role that provides solaris.cluster.modify authorization.
  2. Create a metaset to contain the NFS data and associated replication.
    nodeC# metaset -s nfsset a -h nodeC
  3. Add disks to the metaset.

    In the example below, assume that the disk DID numbers are different.

    nodeC# metaset -s nfsset -a /dev/did/dsk/d3 /dev/did/dsk/d4

    Note -  Mediators are not required on a single node cluster.
  4. Create the required volumes (or metadevices).

    Create two components of a mirror:

    nodeC# metainit -s nfsset d101 1 1 /dev/did/dsk/d3s2
    nodeC# metainit -s nfsset d102 1 1 /dev/did/dsk/d4s2

    Create the mirror with one of the components:

    nodeC# metainit -s nfsset d100 -m d101

    Attach the other component to the mirror and allow it to synchronize:

    metattach -s nfsset d100 d102

    Create soft partitions from the mirror, following these examples:

    • d200 - The NFS data master volume:

      nodeC# metainit -s nfsset d200 -p d100 50G
    • d201 - The point-in-time copy volume for the NFS data:

      nodeC# metainit -s nfsset d201 -p d100 50G
    • d202 - The point-in-time bitmap volume:

      nodeC# metainit -s nfsset d202 -p d100 10M
    • d203 - The remote shadow bitmap volume:

      nodeC# metainit -s nfsset d203 -p d100 10M
    • d204 - The volume for the Oracle Solaris Cluster SUNW.NFS configuration information:

      nodeC# metainit -s nfsset d204 -p d100 100M
  5. Create file systems for the NFS data and the configuration volume.
    nodeC# yes | newfs /dev/md/nfsset/rdsk/d200
    nodeC# yes | newfs /dev/md/nfsset/rdsk/d204

Next Steps

Go to How to Configure the File System on the Primary Cluster for the NFS Application.