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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 System Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2017

How to Rename a Zone Cluster Node

You can use this procedure to rename a zone cluster node.

  1. From a global cluster node where the zone cluster node that you want to rename is running, login to the zone cluster.
    # zlogin <zone-cluster-name>
  2. Rename the zone cluster node.
    # hostname <new-zone-cluster-hostname>
  3. Confirm that the zone cluster node was renamed.
    # hostname

    This command must return the new hostname given to the zone cluster node.

  4. Exit from the zone cluster.
    # exit
  5. From one node of the global cluster, use clzc command to apply the new zone cluster hostname in the cluster configuration.
    # clzc configure <zone-cluster-name> 
    clzc:<zone-cluster-name>> select node physical-host=<globa-cluster-nodename> 
    clzc:<zone-cluster-name>:node> set hostname=<new-zone-cluster-hostname> 
    clzc:<zone-cluster-name>:node> end 
    clzc:<zone-cluster-name>> exit
  6. Reboot the zone cluster.
    # clzc reboot <zone-cluster-name>
  7. Verify the new zone cluster hostname.

    The following commands print the new zone cluster hostname.

    # clzc status 
    # zlogin <zone-cluster-name> 
    # hostname
  8. If Geographic Edition is running on the zone cluster where you updated the zone cluster hostname, then update your Geographic Edition configuration to use the new zone cluster hostname.

    The configuration information used by the protection groups and your data replication product might specify the node name. Therefore, they must be updated.

  9. If necessary, change the logical hostname resources' hostnamelist property.

    For more information, see How to Change the Logical Hostnames Used by Existing Oracle Solaris Cluster Logical Hostname Resources.