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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition Overview

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Updated: July 2016

Key Features of Geographic Edition Software

    The Geographic Edition product provides the following features:

  • Failure detection of multiple clusters that are geographically separated

  • Configurable heartbeat monitoring between clusters

  • Application resource switchover from one cluster to another cluster

  • Remote management of partner clusters through a browser interface and a command-line interface (CLI)

  • Management of Oracle Data Guard that is running on remote systems which are not running Oracle Solaris Cluster software.

  • Data replication between geographically separated clusters

  • Secure administration interfaces through role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) authentication and encryption for communication between nodes or clusters

  • Configurable IPsec security for data replication between clusters and for heartbeat communication between clusters

  • Ability to automatically run a script when a heartbeat-loss notification is issued

  • Ability to start, stop, switch over, or take over predetermined sets of protection groups in a single operation

    The Geographic Edition software provides tools for managing data replication between geographically separated clusters. The software supports the following data replication products:

  • Availability Suite feature of Oracle Solaris software

  • EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility

  • Hitachi TrueCopy and Universal Replicator

  • MySQL

  • Oracle Data Guard, for use only with HA for Oracle Database or Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), with the Oracle database running locally or accessed remotely by using HA for Oracle External Proxy

  • Oracle GoldenGate

  • Oracle Solaris ZFS snapshots

  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

  • Script-based plug-ins feature of the Geographic Edition framework, to integrate user-written replication modules