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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition Overview

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Updated: July 2016

Geographic Edition Hardware Environment

The Geographic Edition hardware configuration is the basis for a Geographic Edition cluster.

    The following additional hardware components form a Geographic Edition cluster:

  • Geographic Edition hardware installations, with attached data storage

  • Internet connections for inter-cluster management communication between the Oracle Solaris Cluster installations

  • Internet connections for inter-cluster heartbeats

  • Connections for data replication

  • Connections for custom heartbeats

The Geographic Edition hardware environment supports the following topologies:

  • N+1, where multiple clusters that are located at multiple sites are communicating with a single backup cluster

  • Cluster pair, where both clusters are online and providing services

Data Replication From a Two-Node Cluster to a Two-Node Cluster illustrates a high-level view of the Geographic Edition hardware architecture.