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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition Overview

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Updated: July 2016

Making Applications Highly Available With Geographic Edition Software

The Geographic Edition framework provides a suite of tools to manage and configure geographically separated clusters with a migration of services between sites. The Geographic Edition framework can manage availability across multiple physical locations through robust security, application service migration, and data replication to tolerate disaster across an enterprise system.

The Geographic Edition product enables an improved combination of performance, cost, and separation of data recovery points. This combination contrasts with campus or metro clustering, which consists of a single cluster with widely separated nodes. The Geographic Edition product provides the management and configuration tools for geographically separated clusters.

A configuration that is running the Geographic Edition framework consists of a set of clusters that are geographically distributed. The primary cluster provides application services. The secondary cluster in the set is an alternative site that can take over the primary cluster services if a disaster occurs. The Geographic Edition framework manages configuration, data replication, and heartbeat monitoring between the two clusters and enables data to be decentralized across multiple disaster recovery sites.