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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition Overview

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Updated: July 2016

Multigroups and Sites

A multigroup is a set of protection groups that is preconfigured for migration, as a group, between predetermined sets of clusters, called sites. A switchover or takeover of all protection groups in a multigroup is performed in a single operation.

A protection group in a multigroup can be configured in a dependency chain, which defines which protection groups have a dependency on another protection group. A multigroup can contain multiple dependency chains. The dependency chain configuration determines in which order the protection groups must be taken offline and brought online, based their roles in the dependency chain. This ensures that interdependent services can be stopped and restarted in the correct order. For example, you might want an application that depends on a database to be stopped before the database is shut down, and after switchover the database be restarted before the application is restarted.