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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition Installation and Configuration Guide

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Updated: February 2017

How to Upgrade or Update Geographic Edition Software

Perform this procedure on each cluster node where you want Geographic Edition software to run. To permit testing, upgrade or update the secondary cluster before you upgrade the primary cluster. You can perform this procedure on more than one node at the same time.


Caution  -  The cluster in a partnership with the cluster you are upgrading or updating must also have the Geographic Edition 4.2 or 4.3 software version installed before you can restart the Geographic Edition 4.3 framework on the upgraded or updated cluster.

Before You Begin

Ensure that the cluster is prepared for upgrade or software update. See How to Prepare the Cluster for an Upgrade or Software Update.

  1. Assume the root role on a node where you intend to upgrade or update Geographic Edition software.

    If you are upgrading or updating a zone cluster, log in to a node of the zone cluster.

  2. Subscribe to the ha-cluster publisher that contains the software you want to upgrade or update to.
    # pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g URL_for_ha-cluster_publisher ha-cluster
  3. Ensure that the solaris publisher is valid.
    # pkg publisher
    PUBLISHER                           TYPE     STATUS   P  LOCATION
    solaris                             origin   online   F  solaris-repository

    For information about setting the solaris publisher, see Adding, Modifying, or Removing Package Publishers in Adding and Updating Software in Oracle Solaris 11.3.

  4. Ensure that the cluster is functioning properly and that all nodes are online and part of the cluster.
    1. From any node, view the current status of the cluster.
      % cluster status

      See the cluster(1CL) man page for more information.

    2. Search the /var/adm/messages log on the same node for unresolved error messages or warning messages.
  5. Upgrade or update the Geographic Edition software to the new release or software update.
    # pkg update ha-cluster-geo-incorporation

    Ensure that Geographic Edition software upgrade is completed on all cluster nodes before you continue to the next step.

  6. Verify that all partner clusters are installed with Geographic Edition version 4.3 or 4.2 software.
    1. On each node of each partner cluster, display the installed version of Geographic Edition software.
      # geoadm -V
    2. Determine your next step.
      • If the partner cluster is installed with Geographic Edition software version 4.3 or 4.2, proceed to Step 8.
      • If the partner cluster is not installed with Geographic Edition software version 4.3 or 4.2, upgrade it to a supported version.

        Do not start the Geographic Edition framework until all cluster nodes in the partnership are installed with a supported version of Geographic Edition software. Then proceed to Step 8 of this procedure.

  7. After you have installed all required software updates on all nodes of the cluster, start the common agent container.
    # /usr/sbin/cacaoadm start

    Perform this step on each node of the global cluster or zone cluster that you are configuring with Geographic Edition software.

  8. On one node of each partner cluster that you upgraded or updated, enable the Geographic Edition framework.
    # geoadm start
  9. Repeat the preceding steps on each remaining node of the cluster.
  10. From one node in one of the partner clusters, add back to the protection group all application resource groups that you removed while you were preparing the cluster for upgrade or update.
    # geopg add-resource-group resource-group protection-group

    See the geopg(1M) man page for more information.

  11. Start all the protection groups that you added back.
    # geopg start protection-group -e local [-n]

    See the geopg(1M) man page for more information.

Next Steps

Go to How to Verify Upgrade or Update of Geographic Edition Software.