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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition Installation and Configuration Guide

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Updated: February 2017

How to Verify Upgrade or Update of Geographic Edition Software

Perform this procedure to verify that the cluster is successfully upgraded to or updated the Geographic Edition 4.3 software. Perform all steps from the global zone only.

Before You Begin

Ensure that all upgrade or update procedures are completed for all cluster nodes that you are upgrading or updating.

  1. Assume the root role.

    If you upgraded or updated a zone cluster, log in to a zone cluster node.

  2. View the installed levels of the Geographic Edition software.
    # geoadm -V

    The last line of output states which version of the Geographic Edition software the node is running. This version should match the version to which you just upgraded or updated.

    Note -  The version number that the geoadm -v command returns does not always coincide with the marketing release version numbers. The version number for the Geographic Edition 4.3 software is 4.3.
  3. Repeat the preceding steps for each cluster node you upgraded or updated.
  4. Ensure that the cluster is running properly.
    # geoadm status
  5. (Optional) Perform a switchover to ensure that the Geographic Edition software is installed properly.
    # geopg switchover remote-cluster protection-group

    You must test your geographically separated cluster properly, so that no problems prevent a switchover. Upgrading or updating only the secondary cluster first and switching over to it enables you to verify that a switchover operation still works. If the switchover fails, the primary site is untouched and you can switch back. If the switchover works on the secondary site, then after a certain time to confirm that the secondary cluster performs correctly, you can upgrade or update the primary site as well.

    Note -  A switchover might interrupt the services that are running on the cluster. You should carefully plan the required tasks and resources before you perform a switchover.

    If you have added your application resource groups back into the protection groups, performing a switchover shuts down the applications on the original primary cluster and migrates the applications to the secondary cluster.