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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition Installation and Configuration Guide

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Updated: February 2017
Chapter 3

Upgrading or Updating Geographic Edition Software

This chapter describes how to upgrade or install Software Repository Updates (SRU) of Geographic Edition software in the global cluster or in a zone cluster.

You can upgrade or update Geographic Edition software on a running cluster without disruption. Because the Geographic Edition software installation process does not require you to restart the Geographic Edition framework, the cluster remains in production with services running. Geographic Edition software configuration data is retained across the upgrade or update process. Highly available applications do not have downtime during a Geographic Edition software upgrade or update.

Note -  If you upgrade Geographic Edition software to a version that is more than one consecutive version different than the Geographic Edition version running on the nodes of its partner cluster, you must also upgrade the partner cluster nodes to a supported Geographic Edition version. Do not start the Geographic Edition framework on nodes of an upgraded cluster unless the version of Geographic Edition software on each node of the partner cluster is no more than one consecutive version different.

If you are upgrading or updating the Oracle Solaris Cluster software, the Geographic Edition software is automatically upgraded at the same time but only in the global cluster. You do not then need to perform this procedure to upgrade the Geographic Edition software in the global cluster. However, for zone clusters you must always upgrade or update Geographic Edition software manually.