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Understanding Term Activation

This section lists prerequisites and discusses term activation.

Before you can activate students into a term, you must activate students into academic programs and plans for that term.

Each term, activating students is a prerequisite process for enrolling students, posting transfer credit, and calculating tuition. To successfully activate a student into a term for a specific academic program, the term activation request must meet the following three criteria:

  • The maximum program effective date for the activation term must be later than or equal to the effective date of the student's academic program record.

  • The term must be later than or equal to the student's admit term into the academic program.

  • The term must have an academic calendar defined in the system.

You can activate the students after they have a valid academic program and plan. Term activation is the process by which you inform the system that admitted and matriculated students are eligible for enrollment, transfer credit posting to their records, and tuition calculation.

Before each enrollment period, you activate students into terms by one of the following three methods:

  • Use the batch Term Activation process (SRTRMAC.SQR) to activate groups of students into terms with PeopleSoft Process Scheduler, something that you would typically do only once per term.

  • Perform a quick term activation, activating students individually into academic programs and terms, using the Student Program/Plan component and the Term Activation page.

    You should use this method on an exception basis.

    SeeProcessing a Quick Activation

  • Use the Quick Admit component to create a program stack row and term activate an individual student into a term.

    See Processing Enrollment Transactions Through the Quick Enrollment Component.