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Oracle® Server X6-2 Installation Guide for Oracle VM

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Updated: January 2017

Supported Oracle VM Server Software

The server supports the following Oracle VM Server software.

VM Software
Oracle VM Server
Release 3.4.1 with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 4

If the Oracle VM software is installed on your server, but you do not want to use it, you can install any other supported operating system or virtual machine software on your server.

For an updated list of operating systems supported by the server, refer to the latest version of the Oracle Server X6-2 Product Notes at http://www.oracle.com/goto/x6-2/docs.

The Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCL) also identifies the latest operating system version supported on Oracle hardware. To find the latest version of Oracle VM Server supported on the Oracle Server X6-2, go to the following site and search using your server model number:


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