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Oracle® Hardware Management Pack for Oracle Solaris 11.3 Release Notes

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Updated: June 2018

ilomconfig (16369886)

The Oracle SPARC M series servers have a pair of dual-redundant SPs (SP0 and SP1) in the chassis. These systems might also have 4 SP proxies (SPP0, SPP1, SPP2, SPP3).

The host OS does not have direct access to all Oracle ILOM properties from the SPs, so you need to use Oracle ILOM to access Oracle ILOM properties from the SP, rather than ilomconfig.

For Oracle SPARC M series servers, the Oracle Solaris host OS runs on the SPPs. ilomconfig accesses the Oracle ILOM SPP from the Oracle Solaris host OS.

The following table describes the properties of the SPs and SPPs.

Service Processor Type
Tool to access SP
SP0, SP1 (redundant service processors)
For the Oracle SPARC M series, these are the main service processors with all the standard Oracle ILOM properties. The SPs manage the SPPs.
Oracle ILOM
SPP0, SPP1, SPP2, SPP3 (service processor proxies)
Each SPP monitors a domain configurable unit (DCU). The host OS runs on the SPPs.

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