Stored Value Card Integration

Topics in this part: The following topics describe the functions available for stored value card integration.

Stored Value Card Overview and Setup provides an overview of stored value card processing and required setup.

Stored Value Card Purchase and Activation describes the processing that occurs when a stored value card is purchased and activated.

Working with Physical Stored Value Card Assignment (WPSA) describes how to assign a number to a physical stored value card.

Stored Value Card Balance Inquiry (MSVB) describes the processing that occurs when you perform a stored value card balance inquiry.

Stored Value Card Authorization Reversal describes the processing that occurs when you reimburse a stored value card payment a cancellation or deactivation amount.

Transmitting Activation and Reversal Transactions (SSVC) describes how to process stored value card download triggers and generate stored value card XML messages to send to the service bureau for processing.

Generating Stored Value Card Refunds describes how to generate a new stored value card to send to the sold to customer when you process a stored value card credit.

Customer Engagement Stored Value Card Integration describes the integration between Order Management System and the Oracle Retail Customer Engagement stored value card system.

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