Troubleshooting the Order Broker Integration

See the Order Broker Operations Guide for information on possible errors returned by the Order Broker and additional troubleshooting information.

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Order Broker Integration


Possible Explanation

No fulfilling location is displayed at the Work with Order Broker Screen

Is the Order Broker request’s status E (error), U (unfulfillable), C (Closed) or Z (canceled)? In this case, the order line will not be fulfilled through the Order Broker.

The status of the Order Broker request is Closed, but there have not been any shipments

Order Management System changes the status of a brokered backorder request to C (closed) if you cancel it before it has been submitted to the Order Broker (when its status is R (ready)).

A backordered order line is not being submitted to the Order Broker for fulfillment

• Check that the order is eligible under the Rules for Submitting Backorders to the Order Broker

• Confirm that you have completed the Order Broker Configuration

• Confirm that the customer is not flagged to Bypass reservation

• Confirm that the item has the OROB eligible flag selected

• If the order was previously in hold status and then released, use the BROKER periodic function or select the order for maintenance and then accept your maintenance session

I created a ship-for-pickup order, but it is not listed at the Work with Order Broker Screen or on the Order Inquiry screen in Order Broker

If the Use OROB for Ship for Pickup Fulfillment Assignment (M34) system control value is set to NEVER, Order Management System does not send ship-for-pickup orders to the Order Broker until you generate the pick slip. See Ship-for-Pickup Orders for an overview.

The Order Broker returned an error

The error is displayed at the Display Order Broker History Screen.

• An error of Null response from OROB indicates that the OROB Account (K49) system control value is not set correctly.

• An error of Invalid Sold To address, missing req indicates that the sold-to customer is missing the first and last name or the company name; a first and last name or a company name are required for the sold-to customer on all orders sent to Order Broker.

See the Order Broker Operations Guide for a list of possible errors that the Order Broker might return to a Submit Order request.

Will there be Order Broker records in error if the Order Broker application is not running?

If Order Management System sends a status inquiry request and does not receive a response from Order Broker, the Order Broker records remain in their current status.

Where are messages logged between Order Management System and Order Broker?

Based on the XML Logging setting at the Event Logging screen in Order Broker, messages can be logged in Order Broker’s XML log file. This file is located on the Order Broker application server. Logs from previous days are renamed with a date suffix in YYYY-MM-DD format (for example, xml.log.2012-08-27).

Retail pickup and delivery orders not created in Order Management System

If the Send Inventory by Warehouse to OROB (L06) system control value is selected, Order Management System does not send fulfillment requests to the Order Broker unless an OROB location is specified for the warehouse.

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