Part I: Replenish Warehouses

Chapters in this part: The following chapters describe the functions available when replenishing warehouses.

Chapter 58: Replenish Warehouses Overview describes the two processes available to replenish warehouses and gives an overview of each.

Chapter 59: Work with Warehouse Replenishment (MWRP) describes the Work with Warehouse Replenishment screen.

Chapter 60: Creating a Warehouse Replenishment Request shows you how to create a request using either the standard or outlet transfer processes (including the STS interface), provides a sample of the Replenishment Pick Worksheet and the Replenishment Receiving Worksheet, describes the Autostock Replenishment Work file, and the Process Unallocated Autostock Details function.

Chapter 61: Processing, Confirming and Unallocating Replenishment Requests shows you how to work with the status or quantity of items included in a replenishment request, scan items for outlet transfers, and confirm the items that have been transferred to fulfill a replenishment request.

Chapter 62: Placing Stock shows you how to use the confirmed replenishment request to transfer inventory from the restock location to the actual locations in the warehouse where the items are stored if you are using the standard process.

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