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SPARC S7-2 and SPARC S7-2L Servers Product Notes

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Updated: October 2020

iostat -E Is Reporting Illegal Request Against eUSB Device (18745682)

If you run iostat and see this error message against the eUSB device (Product: eUSB DISK) , and there are no outstanding related FMA faults, you can safely ignore this message.

# iostat -En

    c2t0d0        Soft Errors: 0 Hard Errors:0 Transport Errors: 0 
    Vendor: MICRON   Product: eUSB DISK  Revision: 1111 Serial No: 
    Size: 2.03GB <2030043136 bytes> 
    Media Error: 0 Device Not Ready: 0 No Device: 0 Recoverable: 0 
    Illegal Request: 39 Predictive Failure Analysis: 0

This is a spurious error that does not impact the functionality of the system.