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SPARC S7-2 and SPARC S7-2L Servers Product Notes

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Updated: November 2017

Minimum Supported Versions of the Firmware, OS, and Software

You are required to install the latest available and supported versions of the system firmware, OS, and patches, for optimal performance, security, and stability. See IMPORTANT - Install Latest OS Updates, Patches, and Firmware.

Oracle Solaris 11 is the recommended OS for the SPARC S7-2 series servers. Oracle Solaris 11 provides simplified installation and maintenance, enhanced virtualization capabilities, and performance improvements. A more detailed list of Oracle Solaris 11 advantages is available at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/solaris11/overview/index.html.

Note -  If you configure the server with Oracle VM Server for SPARC, you can install various combinations of the minimum (or later) versions of the OS. For example, use Oracle Solaris 11.3 SRU 9 for the control domain, and Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 in a guest domain.
Minimum Supported Versions
Oracle System Firmware
9.7.2 or later for systems running Aura6 PCie cards.
Firmware 9.7.2. includes Oracle ILOM 3.2.6.
For systems running Aura7 PCie cards, 9.8.3 or later is required, and you must also install the Hardware_Programmables-1.0.14-SPARC_T7-1+T7-2+T7-4+S7-2+S7-2L.pkg file.
Oracle Solaris 11
Oracle Solaris 11.3 SRU 9.
For the control domain, guest domains, and nonvirtualized configurations, includes these software components:
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC

  • Oracle VTS

Oracle Solaris 10 OS
Oracle Solaris 10 1/13.
For virtual guest domains only.
Includes Oracle VTS 7 PS15.
To use with Oracle VM Server 3.4, see the required patches listed in the "Fully Qualified Oracle Solaris OS Versions" section of the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.4 installation Guide.
Java SE Development Kit
Java 7 Version - JDK 7u85b33 (included in Oracle Solaris 11.3).
Java 8 Version - JDK 8u60b27 (included in Oracle Solaris 11.3).

Note -  Previous versions of the Java software have been tested in virtual environments. For more information, see Java Support for the Oracle Solaris OS.

Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, plus required bundle patch.
Required on Oracle Solaris 11.3 for in-memory features.

Note -  Some PCIe cards and devices have other minimum requirements. For details, including what is required for a device to be bootable, refer to the product notes and other documentation for that device.