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SPARC S7-2 and SPARC S7-2L Servers Product Notes

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Updated: October 2020

Determine Correct Firmware for IO Devices

Some product features are enabled only when the latest versions of patches or firmware are installed. In order to retain optimal performance, security, and stability, installing the latest available patches or firmware is required. Confirm that the latest server firmware version is installed.

To easily determine the latest released version of supported firmware for available IO devices, locate the "IO Options Firmware 1.0" patch (patch number 25393974) on My Oracle Support (MOS).

This patch can be found in a “Product or Family (Advanced)” search, under the “Patches & Update” tab on MOS for any SPARC T7, S7 or M7 platform from Oracle. For example, a query for SPARC S7-2L will include SPARC S7-2L IO Options Firmware 1.0.

The patch only contains a README, with a table of available IO devices and a pointer to the latest supported firmware patch on MOS for each device.