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SPARC S7-2 and SPARC S7-2L Servers Product Notes

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Updated: October 2020

GFX 550e Graphics Card

Oracle has tested the Raptor GFX550e IHV graphics card (PN 19-0156-02) for use on the SPARC S7 servers with Oracle Solaris 11.3. Note that only one display option for SPARC S7 servers is supported at one time; either Xorg for local display or Xvnc for remote display. You must enable Xorg and disable Xvnc for the GFX550e graphics card to function properly in an SPARC S7 server.

To install the card on a SPARC S7 server, follow the directions in the GFX Quick Installation Guide that ships with the card, with these modifications:

  1. Install the correct driver.

    The driver that ships with the card does not work with SPARC S7 servers.

    1. Download the correct driver (GFX550e_1.5.tar.Z) from the TechSource website here: http://www.eizorugged.com/support/drivers/index.html.
    2. Install the driver using the instructions provided in the README file.
  2. If not already installed, install the solaris-desktop package. Type:
    # pkg install solaris-desktop
  3. After reboot, enable Xorg to display Oracle Solaris GUI on a local display.
    • If the Oracle Solaris OS installed is S11.3 SRU22 or previous, manually add the ISVNCPLATFORM=false setting to the /usr/bin/Xserver file as shown below.

      Note -  This is a temporary workaround, not a supported solution, to enable Xorg. The supported solution to enable Xorg is available in S11.3 SRU23 or later, and is documented below.
      1. (Optional) Backup the /usr/bin/Xserver file before you modify it.

        This will make it easier to enable VNC for remote display if you need that option in the future.

      2. Add the ISVNCPLATFORM=false setting to the /usr/bin/Xserver file just above the comment where the script checks to use Xorg or Xvnc, as shown below:
        	  # Check if this is a platform that should use Xvnc or Xorg.
        	  if [[ "${XSERVER}" == "/usr/bin/Xorg" ]] ; then
    • If the Oracle Solaris OS installed is S11.3 SRU23 or later, set the svc:/application/x11/x11-server SMF service vncplatform_override property to true as shown below.
        # svccfg -s svc:/application/x11/x11-server setprop options/vncplatform_override = boolean: true
          Note: vncplatform_override property needs to be set to false to revert to default Xvnc mode.
  4. Reboot the server.

    Note -  While using this graphics card on a SPARC S7 server and running fbconfig, you may see the following error message. It is safe to ignore this error.
    # fbconfig -list
      Device File Name            Device Model     Config Program
      ----------------            ------------     --------------
      /dev/fbs/mko0                                program not available

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