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Oracle® Server X7-2L Service Manual

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Updated: October 2019

Remove the Server Top Cover

Servicing some components requires that the top cover be removed.

  1. Ensure that AC power cords are disconnected from the server power supplies.

    Note -  Fan modules and M.2 flash SSDs are hot-pluggable and do not require AC power cables to be disconnected from the server power supplies.
  2. If the release button latch is in the locked position, use a Torx T15 screwdriver to turn the release button latch clockwise to the unlocked position.
    image:Figure showing the release button latch in the unlocked                                 position.
  3. Unlatch the top cover [1].

    Lift up on the release button on top of the server cover. Lifting the release button causes the server cover to slide toward the rear of the chassis for easy removal.

    image:Figure showing the server top cover being removed.
  4. Lift up and remove the top cover [2].

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