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Oracle® Server X7-2L Service Manual

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Updated: October 2019

Return the Server to the Normal Rack Position

If the server is in the extended maintenance position, use this procedure to return the server to the normal rack position.

  1. Push the server back into the rack, as described in the following steps.
    1. Simultaneously pull and hold the two green release tabs (one on each side of the slide rails on the server) toward the front of the server while you push the server into the rack.

      As you push the server into the rack, verify that the cable management arm (CMA) retracts without binding.

      Note -  To pull the green release tab, place your finger in the center of the tab, not on the end, and apply pressure as you pull the tab toward the front of the server.

      image:Figure showing the location of the release tabs on the                                     slide-rails.
    2. Continue pushing the server into the rack until the slide-rail locks (on the front of the server) engage the slide-rail assemblies.

      You will hear an audible click when the server is in the normal rack position.

  2. If the CMA is not installed, that is, you removed it because you removed the server completely out of the rack, install the CMA.

    For installation instructions for the CMA, refer to Install the Cable Management Arm (Optional) in Oracle Servers X7-2 and X7-2L Installation Guide.

  3. If the cables are disconnected from the back of the server, that is, you disconnected the cables because you extended the server out of the rack, reconnect the cables.

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