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Diameter Signaling Router 8.0.x

Subscriber Database Server Document Set

  • SDS Getting Started HTML PDF
  • SDS User's Guide HTML PDF
  • SDS Provisioning Interface HTML PDF
  • SDS Alarms, KPIs, and Measurements Reference HTML PDF
  • SDS Initial Installation and Configuration User's Guide PDF
  • SDS Software Upgrade Procedure PDF
  • SDS Disaster Recovery User's Guide PDF

Integrated Diameter Intelligence Hub (IDIH) Document Set

  • IDIH User's Guide HTML PDF
  • IDIH Audit Viewer Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
  • IDIH Alarm Forwarding Administrator's Guide HTML PDF
  • IDIH Operations, Administration and Maintenance Guide HTML PDF
  • IDIH ProTrace User's Guide HTML PDF
  • IDIH System Alarms User's Guide HTML PDF
  • IDIH Log Viewer Administrator's Guide HTML PDF

Documentation Bulletins

  • Documentation Bulletin E87611-01, Switch MAC Address Cache and Ping Feature PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin CGBU_025746, Alarms 10125 and 22076 missing in DSR 7.3 and 8.0 PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin CGBU_025747, Measurement BindCorrFailedUsingDefaultAPN missing in DSR 8.0 PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin CGBU_025748, Bulk Export CSV file formats incorrect PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin CGBU_025749, Diameter Connection SCTP a_rwnd does not match Rx buffer size for Responder PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin E91299, Additional Information PDRA PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin CGBU_031620, Connection Performance Measurement TxP0 should be egress instead of ingress. PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin CGBU_031621, IDIH .pcap export limit is 1 MB instead of 20-25 MB PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin F17457, Deprecated measurements PDF