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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: June 2017

Commands That List Experiments, Samples, Threads, and LWPs

This section describes the commands that list experiments, samples, threads, and LWPs.


Display the full list of experiments loaded with their ID number. Each experiment is listed with an index, which is used when selecting samples, threads, or LWPs, and a PID, which can be used for advanced filtering.

The following example shows an experiment list.

(er_print) experiment_list
 ID Sel   PID Experiment
=== === ===== ================
  1 yes 13493 test.1.er
  2 yes 24994 test.2.er
  3 yes 25653 test.2.er/_f8.er
  4 yes 25021 test.2.er/_x5.er


Display the list of samples currently selected for analysis.

The following example shows a sample list.

(er_print) sample_list
Exp Sel     Total
=== ======= =====
  1 1-6        31
  2 7-10,15    31


Display the list of LWPs currently selected for analysis.


Display the list of threads currently selected for analysis.


Display the list of CPUs currently selected for analysis.