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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: June 2017

Commands That Print Other Information

The following er_print subcommands display miscellaneous information about the experiment.

header exp-id

Display descriptive information about the specified experiment. The exp-id can be obtained from the exp_list command. If the exp-id is all or is not given, the information is displayed for all experiments loaded.

Following each header, any errors or warnings are printed. Headers for each experiment are separated by a line of dashes.

If the experiment directory contains a file named notes, the contents of that file are prepended to the header information. A notes file may be manually added or edited or specified with -Ccomment” arguments to the collect command.

exp-id is required on the command line, but not in a script or in interactive mode.


Write a list of instruction frequency from the measured count data. The instruction frequency report can only be generated from count data.


List the load objects with any error or warning messages that result from the use of the load object for performance analysis. The number of load objects listed can be limited by using the limit command (see Commands That Control Output).

overview exp_id

Write an overview of all data summed over all experiments. Function list metrics are indicated with [X] while hot metrics have asterisks highlighting their values.

sample_detail [ exp_id ]

Write the detailed sample information for the specified experiment. exp_id is the numeric identifier of the experiment as given by the experiment_list command. If exp_id is omitted, or is all, write the sum and the statistics for all samples in all experiments.

The report now generated by sample_detail was printed with the overview command in previous releases.

statistics exp_id

Write out execution statistics, aggregated over the current sample set for the specified experiment. For information on the definitions and meanings of the execution statistics that are presented, see the getrusage(3C) and proc(4) man pages. The execution statistics include statistics from system threads for which the Collector does not collect any data.

The exp_id can be obtained from the experiment_list command. If the exp_id is not given, the sum of data for all experiments is displayed, aggregated over the sample set for each experiment. If exp_id is all, the sum and the individual statistics for each experiment are displayed.