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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: June 2017

Commands That Control Searching For Source Files

The er_print utility looks for the source files and load object files referenced in an experiment. You can use the directives described in this section to help er_print find the files referenced by your experiment.

See How the Tools Find Source Code for a description of the process used to find an experiment's source code, including how these directives are used.

setpath path-list

Set the path used to find source and object files. path-list is a colon-separated list of directories, jar files, or zip files.. If any directory has a colon character in it, escape it with a backslash. The special directory name, $expts, refers to the set of current experiments in the order in which they were loaded. You can abbreviate it with a single $ character.

The default path is: $expts:.. which is the directories of the loaded experiments and the current working directory.

Use setpath with no argument to display the current path.

setpath commands must not be used in .er.rc files.

addpath path-list

Append path-list to the current setpath settings.

addpath commands can be used in .er.rc files, and will be concatenated.

pathmap old-prefix new-prefix

If a file cannot be found using the path-list set by addpath or setpath, you can specify one or more path remappings with the pathmap command. In any path name for a source file, object file, or shared object that begins with the prefix specified with old-prefix, the old prefix is replaced by the prefix specified with new-prefix. The resulting path is then used to find the file. Multiple pathmap commands can be supplied, and each is tried until the file is found.