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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Analytics Guide, Release OS8.7.x

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Updated: August 2017

Network: Device Bytes

This statistic measures network device activity in bytes/sec. Network devices are the physical network ports (see Network Configuration in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide, Release OS8.7.x). The measured bytes by this statistic includes all network payload headers (Ethernet, IP, TCP, NFS/SMB/etc.)

When to Check Device Bytes

Network bytes can be used a rough measure of appliance load. It should also be checked whenever performance issues are investigated, especially for 1 Gbit/sec interfaces, in case the bottleneck is the network device. The maximum practical throughput for network devices in each direction (in or out) based on speed:

  • 1 Gbit/sec Ethernet: ~120 Mbytes/sec device bytes

  • 10 Gbit/sec Ethernet: ~1.16 Gbytes/sec device bytes

If a network device shows a higher rate than these, use the direction breakdown to see the inbound and outbound components.

Device Bytes Breakdowns

Table 34  Breakdowns of Device Bytes
In or out, relative to the appliance. For example, NFS reads to the appliance would be show as out(bound) network bytes.
Network device (see Devices in Network).

Further Analysis

Also see Network: Interface Bytes for network throughput at the interface level, instead of the device level.