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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Analytics Guide, Release OS8.7.x

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Updated: August 2017

About Analytics Datasets

The term dataset refers to the in-memory cached and on-disk saved data for a statistic, and is presented as an entity in Analytics with administration controls. Datasets are automatically created whenever you view statistics in Open Worksheets. A dataset is not saved to disk for future viewing unless you archive it. See Statistics Actions.

The Analytics > Datasets screen in the BUI lists all datasets. These include open statistics that are being viewed in a worksheet (and as such are temporary datasets that disappear when the worksheet is closed) and statistics that are being archived to disk.

The following fields are displayed in the Datasets view for all datasets:

Table 5  Field Descriptions of Datasets
Status icon
Low, medium or high performance impact of the dataset; see below table. Also see Storage Performance Impact and Execution Performance Impact.
Name of the statistic/dataset
First timestamp in dataset. For open statistics, this is the time the statistic was opened, which may be minutes earlier. For archived statistics, this is the first time in the archived dataset which indicates how far back in the past this dataset goes, which may be days, weeks, months. Sorting this column shows the oldest datasets available.
On Disk
Space this dataset consumes on disk
In Core
Space this dataset consumers in main memory

The following icons are visible in the BUI view; some of these are only visible during hover over of a dataset entry:

Table 6  BUI Icons
image:icon indicating the on or online status
Dataset is actively collecting data
image:icon indicating an offline or disabled status
Dataset is currently suspended from collecting data
image:icon indicating that a dataset has a low                                         overhead
Dataset has a low overhead
image:icon indicating that a dataset has a medium                                         overhead
Dataset has a medium overhead
image:icon indicating that a dataset has a high                                         overhead
Dataset has a high overhead
image:icon indicating power or an item is turned                                         off
Suspend/Resume archived datasets
image:icon indicating that a dataset can be                                         archived
Enable archiving of this dataset to disk
image:icon indicating an item can be discarded or                                         destroyed
Discard all or some data from this dataset

See Statistics Actions for descriptions for these dataset actions.