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Oracle® Rack Cabinet 1242 User's Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Install a Cable Management Hook

You can route the equipment's data cables using the cable management hooks and spring nuts found in the ship kit.

  1. Retrieve a cable management hook and screws.
  2. Select one or more locations for the cable management hooks.

    There are seven mounting points on each rail. Each mounting point provides four threaded holes on the frame.

    The cable management hook has two holes on its mounting plate. The holes on the cable management hook must straddle two of the holes on the inside of the rail.

  3. Place the cable management hook so that its mounting plate aligns with any two adjacent threaded holes on the inside of the rail.
    image:Picture shows mounting a cable management                             hook.
  4. Use the screws to secure the cable management hook to the rail.
  5. Route data cables from the installed equipment through the installed cable management hooks.

    Note -  Refer to the equipment documentation for additional cable routing instructions or guidelines.

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