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Oracle® Rack Cabinet 1242 User's Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Access Route Guidelines

If your existing loading dock meets height or ramp requirements for a standard freight carrier truck, you can use a pallet jack to unload the rack. If not, you must provide a standard forklift or other means to unload the rack, or request the rack be shipped in a truck with a lift gate.

Leave the rack in its shipping packaging until it reaches its final destination. The entire access route to the installation site should be free of uneven floor surfaces that can cause vibration, and the route must meet the requirements listed in the tables below.

Metric With Shipping Pallet
U.S With Shipping Pallet
Metric Without Shipping Pallet
U.S Without Shipping Pallet
Minimum door height
2159 mm
85 in.
2000 mm
78.74 in.
Minimum door width
1118 mm
44 in.
600 mm
23.62 in.
Minimum passage width
1220 mm
48 in.
600 mm
26.6 in.
Minimum elevator depth
1543 mm
60.75 in.
1058.2 mm
41.66 in.
Maximum incline
Maximum elevator, pallet jack, and floor loading capacity (maximum weight per rack)
1145 kg / 2520 lb maximum weight of rack with full capacity. Verify weight capacities of elevators and shipping equipment before using them to transport rack.

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