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Oracle® Rack Cabinet 1242 User's Guide

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Updated: June 2020

Insert Cage Nuts Into Rail Holes

Because the RETMA rails have square holes, you might need to use cage nuts to secure the equipment into the rack. The rack ship kit contains extra M6 cage nuts and M6 screws. If possible, use the cage nuts that shipped with the equipment's rackmounting hardware.

  1. Using your equipment's rack alignment template, or other equipment documentation, locate the rail holes you are using to install the equipment.
    image:Figure showing how to use cage nuts to secure                             equipment in the rack.

    Note -  Use the cage nut insertion tool in the ship kit to install the cage nuts in the rails.
  2. Align the cage nut with the square rail hole [1].
  3. Hook the side lip of the nut in the square rail hole [2].
    image:Figure shows how to insert a cage nut into the                             rack.
  4. Insert the tip of the cage nut insertion tool through the rail hole, hook the other side lip of the cage nut, and lever the cage nut into place [2].

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