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Oracle® Flash Accelerator F640 PCIe Card v2 and Oracle 6.4 TB NVMe SSD v2 Product Notes

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Updated: June 2020

SPARC M8 Series Servers Configuration

SPARC M8 series servers support the use of only PCIe x16 hot-plug card carriers, which are physically labeled with "x16 CAR" on the faceplate. PCIe x8 card carriers from earlier generations of Oracle servers, which are labeled with "CAR" on the faceplate, are not supported for use in M8 series servers. PCIe x8 and PCIe x16 cards are supported for use in these servers.

SPARC M8 series servers support the Oracle Flash Accelerator F640 PCIe Card v2 as a boot device. Use slot 3 for the NIC and boot device. Treat SPARC M8 series server slots 1 and 3 in CMIOUs 0-2 and 4-6 the same. Oracle F640 Flash Card v2s should be in the lowest number slots available. If the Oracle F640 Flash Card v2 contains the operating system for the physical domain, then bring the physical domain down to the Oracle ILOM prompt (power down the PDomain).

For more information about the servers, refer to the server documentation at https://www.oracle.com/goto/m8/docs.