Each extension provides meta-data describing the author/developer of the extension and other information related to its creation. This meta-data is contained in a manifest file called ext.json. Without the manifest file, the extension cannot be loaded. The ext.json file should include:

An example of an ext.json file that includes translations for English and French is shown below. Note that the translations property has three sub-properties, language, name, and description. The language property can be either a two-letter language code (for example, en) or a two-letter language code and a two-letter country code with an underscore in between (for example, en_US). ISO 639-1 defines the two-letter language codes. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 defines the two-letter country codes.

  "extensionID": "f3acef8e-375a-11e4-9c85-ebc5b52923a8",
  "developerID": "987654",
  "createdBy": "Company name",
  "version": 1,
  "timeCreated": "2016-09-08",
  "translations" : [
      "language" : "en_US",
      "name":"Extension label in English",
      "description":"Extension description in English"
      "language" : "fr_CA",
      "name":"Extension label in French",
      "description":" Extension description in French"

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