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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Developer's Guide

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Updated: February 2021

How to Discover Logical Domains Managers Running on Your Subnet

  1. Open a multicast socket.

    Ensure that you use the port and group information specified in Multicast Communication.

  2. Send a multicast_msg_t message over the socket.

      The message should include the following:

    • Valid value for version_no, which is 1 as defined by MAC_MULTI_VERSION

    • Valid value for magic_no, which is 92792004 as defined by MAC_MULTI_MAGIC_NO

    • msg_type of LDMD_DISC_SEND

  3. Listen on the multicast socket for responses from Logical Domains Managers.

    The responses must be a multicast_msg_t message with the following information:

    • Valid value for version_no

    • Valid value for magic_no

    • msg_type set to LDMD_DISC_RESP

    • Payload consisting of a ldmd_discovery_t structure, which contains the following information:

      • ldmd_version Version of the Logical Domains Manager running on the system

      • hostname Host name of the system

      • ip_address IP address of the system

      • port_no Port number being used by the Logical Domains Manager for communications, which should be XMPP port 6482

    When listening for a response from Logical Domains Managers, ensure that any auto-allocation MAC collision-detection packets are discarded.