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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Developer's Guide

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Updated: February 2021

Oracle VM Server for SPARC Template Features

Creating SPARC OpenStack Images From a Source Domain

The ovmtcreate command has a new –m option that enables you to select either the openstack disk image format or the default ovf template format.

Use the ovmtcreate -m openstack command to create a single, uncompressed SPARC OpenStack-compatible disk image directly from the first virtual disk in a source domain. Note that this command does not create a complete template, which would include additional payload items such as additional disk images, an OVF metadata file and a manifest file. Also, this command does not encapsulate these components in an .ova tar file. Other metadata options are ignored, such as those that provide a description, specify boilerplate files, or specify minor and major versions.

The ovmtcreate -m ovf command creates a complete OVF template, which is the same as running the ovmtcreate command without using the –m ovf option.

Expanding Underlying Disk Devices

The ovmtdeploy command now expands the underlying disk devices to device extents during template deployment. This expansion operation occurs by default and supports only disk devices and not disk image files. You can use the ovmtdeploy -x command to disable the expansion operation at runtime.

Previously, the size of the resulting disk was determined by the size of the original source domain encapsulated in the template. So, deploying a template that contains a 20-Gbyte system disk to a disk device that has 600 Gbytes results in a disk formatted to a 20-Gbyte size. Now that the underlying disk device can be expanded, this same template deployment results in a disk formatted to its full 600-Gbyte size.

While the underlying disk device has been expanded, the guest domain OS might require that additional actions are performed to recognize and grow to the larger space. To perform these actions for the Oracle Solaris OS, run the /opt/ovmtutils/share/scripts/ovmt_s11_expand_disk.sh script immediately following the deployment operation. See the ovmtconfig(8) man page.