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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Developer's Guide

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Updated: February 2021

XML Schemas

    The XML schemas that are used by the Logical Domains Manager are located in the /opt/SUNWldm/bin/schemas directory. The file names are as follows:

  • cim-common.xsd cim-common.xsd schema

  • cim-rasd.xsd cim-rasd.xsd schema

  • cim-vssd.xsd cim-vssd.xsd schema

  • cli-list-constraint-v3.xsd cli-list-constraint-v3.xsd schema

  • combined-v3.xsd LDM_interface XML schema

  • event-v3.xsd LDM_Event XML schema

  • ldmd-binding.xsd Binding_Type XML schema

  • ldmd-property.xsd GenericProperty XML schema

  • ovf-core.xsd ovf-core.xsd schema

  • ovf-envelope.xsd ovf-envelope.xsd schema

  • ovf-section.xsd ovf-section.xsd schema

  • ovf-strings.xsd ovf-strings.xsd schema

  • ovfenv-core.xsd ovfenv-core.xsd schema

  • ovfenv-section.xsd ovfenv-section.xsd schema