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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Developer's Guide

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Updated: February 2021

About Oracle VM Server for SPARC Templates

The Oracle VM Server for SPARC Templates commands enable you to create, deploy, and configure Oracle VM Server for SPARC templates for SPARC systems. These commands are based on the OVF template specification that includes disk image files and an XML descriptor of properties that is contained in an archive (.ova).

You run these commands in the control domain of an Oracle VM Server for SPARC system. In addition to running the commands on the command line, you can run them in a fully automated fashion or from other programs as part of a larger work flow.

You can use these templates to deploy and configure only guest domains, I/O domains, and root domains. However, you cannot use templates to deploy and configure I/O domains or root domains that are also the primary domain or to deploy and configure service domains.

    The Oracle VM Server for SPARC template commands are:

  • ovmtadm Enables you to create, configure, deploy, and remove a template by initiating the ovmtcreate, ovmtconfig, and ovmtdeploy commands. See the ovmtadm(8) man page.

  • ovmtconfig Performs configuration actions on a domain by transferring property name-value pairs to applications and processes in the target domain, such as Oracle Solaris OS configuration mechanisms and first-boot scripts. The property name-value pairs are set by using the ovmtprop command.

    Also, you can use this command to back mount a domain's ZFS file systems so that the control domain runs commands directly on those file systems. This method includes the capability to copy files, install and upgrade Oracle Solaris OS packages, and perform configuration actions. See the ovmtconfig(8) man page.

  • ovmtcreate Creates a template from an existing Oracle VM Server for SPARC domain. See the ovmtcreate(8) man page.

  • ovmtdeploy Creates a domain from an Oracle VM Server for SPARC template. See the ovmtdeploy(8) man page.

  • ovmtlibrary Manages a database and file-system-based repository for Oracle VM Server for SPARC templates by organizing files, and storing, retrieving, and editing information in the database. See the ovmtlibrary(8) man page.

  • ovmtprop Enables you to view and set Oracle Solaris OS properties in the domain that is deployed from a template. The property is specified as a name-value pair. This command is called from other scripts and programs to perform configuration actions and actions that might be property-driven. See the ovmtprop(8) man page.

For information about getting started with the Oracle VM Server for SPARC templates, see Getting Started with OVM Templates for SPARC - Part 3: Using Templates on SuperCluster (https://blogs.oracle.com/cmt/getting-started-with-ovm-templates-for-sparc-part-3%3a-using-templates-on-supercluster)