About Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Insights

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Insights is an OCI native service that provides 360-degree insight into database resource utilization and capacity.

Operations Insights consists of two integrated applications:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Oracle SQL Warehouse

These applications allow database administrators, DevOps, and IT executives to make critical decisions about their database systems using historical and long term data.

With Operations Insights, you can:

  • Analyze resource usage of databases across the enterprise
  • Forecast future demand for resources based on historical trends
  • Compare SQL Performance across databases and identify common patterns
  • Identify SQL performance trends across enterprise-wide databases
  • Provide the capability for the customer to do their own custom analysis as needed

Supported Databases

Operations Insights supports the following databases:

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing

Autonomous JSON Databases are currently not supported by Operations Insights but will be supported in a future release.

Read This Before You Begin

  • Data collected and analyzed by Operations Insights Service will only be stored for the last 25 months from the current date.
  • Data collected and analyzed by Operations Insights Service will be purged after 30 days once the Operations Insights Service is disabled on a database.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure applies throttling to many API requests to prevent accidental or abusive use of resources. If you make too many requests too quickly, you might see some succeed and others fail.
  • Pricing does not depend on the actual amount of data stored.
  • Stopping an Oracle Database or instance that has Operations Insights enabled has no effect on retention or visibility of historical data for that instance. The period during which the Oracle Database or instance was stopped will contain no data.
  • If the data was not collected from the source databases or targets for some underlying reason then that period will contain no data for Operations Insights.
  • Oracle SQL Warehouse application of Operations Insights Service requires Oracle Diagnostics Pack on the source database.
  • Operations Insights Service also uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Datapoints – Retrieval (Part# is B90926). Customer may get charged for it over and above the free limits offered by Oracle.

Capacity Planning

Operations Insights Capacity Planning provides deep insights into the allocation and usage of CPU and Storage compute resources by databases within a compartment.

The Capacity Planning application lets you understand and analyze trends in the utilization of critical database resources, such as CPU and storage. You can also analyze, compare, and contrast resource usage across databases.

As an IT administrator or a capacity planner, you can use Database Resource Analytics to understand how critical resources, including CPU and storage are used. Capacity planning ensures that your enterprise databases have sufficient resources to meet future business needs.

The Capacity Planning application provides you with:

  • Accurate and agile expense planning and management for core compute resources
  • Proactive detection and avoidance of unexpected resource capacity issues
  • Deeper understanding of fleet-wide distribution and usage of compute resources
  • Insight into database-specific trends and patterns of resource usage
  • Data-driven decision making for Autonomous Database resource allocation

You can trend daily and hourly aggregates of resource usage over time and project demand into the future for individual databases or in aggregate.

You can view the entire compartmental fleet of databases and compare the distribution of resources by allocation, utilization, and growth rates.

Operations Insights Capacity Planning regularly computes 30 and 90-day utilization forecasts for both CPU and Storage and proactively singles out databases predicted to have utilization issues within the forecast horizon.

Oracle SQL Warehouse

The Oracle SQL Warehouse application makes it easy for you to manage SQL at scale.

Using the Oracle SQL Warehouse application of Operations Insights, you can analyze the SQL performance problems for enterprise-wide applications across a fleet of databases. In addition, Oracle SQL Warehouse provides trends and key insights to SQL performance issues thereby helping you to be proactive in avoiding future problems.

With Oracle SQL Warehouse, you can:

  • Collect SQL, execution plan and session data into a long term Oracle SQL Warehouse and store data for 25 months
  • Compare SQL execution plan between production, test and development database
  • Compare SQL performance trends across databases and drill down to execution plans for analysis
  • Identify SQLs that were good but now turned bad even if the execution plan has not changed
  • Auto-detect anomaly by comparing current SQL response time vs. automatic baselines