19 Use Collections

Collections are a way to group content items, digital assets, and documents for use on a website, external application or for marketing campaigns. You must be an enterprise user to create and share collections.

Collections are specific to individual repositories and can be used to manage a subset of items in a repository. All the items in the collection will adhere to the publishing channel that’s assigned to the collection.

When you access the collection list by clicking Collection in the asset view, only those collections you can manage are shown. You can create a collection if you have a contributor role in the repository.

All users can view the complete collection list when filtering assets. But you must have a contributor role for the collection in order to add assets to it.

When you create a website, you specify a repository for use with that website. A collection is created when you create the website and it’s associated with the repository used when you created the site. When you add assets to a site-created collection, those assets are available for use in that site.

You can also create a collection that isn’t associated with a site. For example, you may have a repository with content pertaining to sports cars. You could use a collection to group together all digital assets for American sports cars, one for French sports cars, and one for Italian sports cars. The assets for all sports cars will be managed in the repository, but you can manage a subset (American sports cars) separately. Assets can be put into the appropriate collection, making it easy to quickly sort through and find exactly what you want.