Typical Workflow for Transferring Oracle Identity Cloud Service Configurations

Use this typical workflow to get started transferring configurations.

After each import step, analyze the data recorded during the bulk load operation. After you import the file, a dialog box appears with the Job ID link for your import job, click the link. Review the details that appear on the Jobs page. This page shows how many accounts you imported, how many accounts imported successfully, and how many accounts can't be imported because of a system error. Common issues that prevent the system from importing the account include:
  • Invalid email address format

  • Invalid field formats

  • Missing required fields

  • Invalid CSV file

If there are many invalid accounts, correct the errors in the import file and then import the file again. See Viewing Jobs and Job Details.
Task Description Additional Information
Step 1: Export users. Use this task to create users only. Exporting User Accounts
Step 2: Export groups. Use this task to create groups and user memberships. Exporting Groups
Step 3: Export application role memberships. Use this task to create to create application role memberships for users and groups. Export Users and Groups for Oracle Application Roles
Step 4: (Optional) Gather diagnostic data. If you encounter errors, you can set a diagnostics level to capture operational logs. You can then view those logs to help you to determine the cause of the problem. Use the REST API for Oracle Identity Cloud Service to capture diagnostic data.

See Diagnostic Records REST Endpoints

Step 5: (Optional) Resolving errors after an export operation.

If you encounter errors during an export operation, resolve the errors and then try the export operation again.

If Oracle Identity Cloud Service can't export a user account, then it evaluates the next account in the CSV file.

View the details of the export job. If the job contains errors, you can export those errors to see the cause.

If you cannot resolve the errors, use the diagnostic data report to capture operational logs to see if you can determine the cause of the problem.

View Jobs and Job Details

Export Job Errors