Typical Workflow for Configuring User Settings

Here are the tasks that users can perform to change their passwords, manage their Oracle Identity Cloud Service profile information, manage applications to which they have been granted access, unlink their social accounts from their Oracle Identity Cloud Service accounts, and access their consents.

You can access the Performing self-service tasks infographic to see how to update your password, reset or recover your password, update your email options, and unlock your account in Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Task Description Additional Information
Change your password. You can change your password whenever you need to or when it expires. Change Your Password
Manage your profile information. You can set up your profile, set your primary email address, configure your account recovery factors, set up and manage your 2–Step Verification methods, and edit your profile information.

Set Up or Modify Your Profile

Set Your Email Options

Set Your Security Options

Manage 2–Step Verification from the My Profile Console
Access and organize your applications. You can access and organize the applications to which you have been granted access. Access My Apps
Unlink your social account from your Oracle Identity Cloud Service user account.

When you use a social identity provider to sign in to Oracle Identity Cloud Service, your social account is linked to your Oracle Identity Cloud Service user account automatically. If you don't want to sign in to Oracle Identity Cloud Service using that social account, then unlink it.

Link and Unlink Social Accounts
Access your consents. Users can list and revoke their consents. Access Your Consents