Installing an App

You can install an app to deliver audience data from the Oracle Data Cloud platform to the app partner's platform. For example, if you install a media targeting app and use it to deliver your data to the partner's platform, your target audiences are mapped to the partner's target segments. Data delivery starts when the audience delivery becomes active.

To install an app:

  1. Log in to and select Apps > Install Apps.
    Apps drop-down list
    The Install Apps page is displayed.
    Install Apps page
  2. Click App Catalog.
    The App Selection list is displayed.
  3. Click a solution type, such as Media Targeting. A filtered list of apps is displayed on the right.
    Alternatively, search for a specific app by name.
    App Selection
  4. On the right, click the app that you want to install. The Basic Information section is displayed.
  5. Enter a unique, descriptive name for this instance of the app.
  6. In the Solution Type and Pricing Model section, configure the settings if the app partner offers multiple pricing models or keep its default value.
  7. In the App Specific Settings section, enter an email in Notification Email box.
  8. If you see an App Account Information section, enter the information required. For example, you may need to supply an account ID. Information you enter here is included automatically in all audience deliveries that use the app.
  9. If the Increase Data Delivery Overlap check box is displayed for the app, you can leave it selected to enable ID swaps to match unique user IDs between the Oracle Data Cloud platform and the delivery app partner. This enables ID swaps to be executed automatically on your site once every seven days via the platform's tag management system.
    Install Apps page

    Important: If you create any new containers after installing an app and you want to fire the app partner's ID swap tag from those new containers, uninstall and then re-install the app.

  10. If the Data Delivery Instructions section is displayed, complete any provided instructions.
  11. Click Save. The app is added to the Install Apps page.

Integrations without apps

If you want to send data to a media execution platform but you do not see their app in the app catalog, you can use the tag management tools to implement the partner's ID swap tag and deliver data by using a pixel URL. Another alternative is to share the audience with your partner so that they can map your audience in their platform.

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