Managing Enforcement of Application-Specific Validations

By default, all application-specific validations are enforced. You can disable each application-specific validation at the dimension level. Disabled validations are no longer run for data in the dimension.

To manage the enforcement of application-specific validations:

  1. Inspect the dimension that you want to manage a validation for. See Inspecting Dimensions.
  2. Select the Validations tab to view the application-specific validations that are run on that dimension.
  3. Click Edit, and then select or clear the Enabled field on the validation that you want to disable or re-enable.
  4. Click Save.


For Oracle Financials Cloud General Ledger and Oracle E-Business Suite General Ledger applications, if the validation for upper case node names should not be enforced, then in addition to disabling the Uppercase Node Name validation at the application level you must also update the Case setting for Core.Name property at the override level. See Editing Property Parameters.