Exporting a User Defined Dimension

You can export data for a dimension in a Universal application to a comma-delimited (.csv) file.

Best Practice

It's a best practice to validate the viewpoints bound to the dimension prior to performing the export to ensure data integrity, see Understanding Validations and Constraints.

Use the Validate Before Export option to validate the viewpoint automatically when you export a dimension. See Managing Export Options.

For the CSV file format, see Import and Export File Format for User Defined Dimensions.

The nodes and hierarchical relationships are exported in alphanumeric order by default. If you want to change the order of exported nodes, before you export, open the hierarchy set and check Use Custom Order.

You can edit the binding keys for a dimension to change the order of the export columns. See Editing Binding Keys.

You can export a defined keyword instead of a null or blank value. See Managing Export Options.

You can export data only from properties whose direction is set to either Export or Both. To review or modify this setting, perform an action:


You can also export data that is mapped to nodes in another application, see Exporting Mapping Data.

For more information, see:

  1. Click Applications.
  2. In the Actions column for the application, click Browse button, and then select Export.
  3. In the Dimensions section, select the dimension to export. An export file name is generated. The default file name is Application Name_Dimension Name_Date, for example Custom1_Account_20200123.csv, and can be edited before running the export. Your browser settings define the download location.
  4. Optional: In the Summary section, click the dimension name to modify the export options for the dimension in the inspector. See Inspecting Dimensions.
  5. Click Export.
  6. Optional: After the export is complete, if there are validation errors in the export you can click the viewpoint name to open the viewpoint and resolve them. See Resolving Validation Issues. When you have finished resolving the validation issues, from the viewpoint window click Return to Export to return to the export screen.