23 Using Expressions to Define Custom Business Logic

Expressions enable you to define business logic for managing your data. You can use expressions to transform properties when you bring data across applications, derive the value for a property based on the value of another property, or create custom validations for node types or hierarchy sets. The expression builder enables you to define complex business logic in a structured environment that requires minimal coding or scripting knowledge. The expressions that you build are automatically validated as you build them.

This topic discusses how to use the expression builder to define business logic. For more information about the contexts in which that business logic is applied, see these topics:


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Get familiar with Custom Business Logic

video graphic Overview: Custom Business Logic in Enterprise Data Management

Derive properties using expressions

video graphic Deriving Properties with Expressions

Transform properties using expressions

video graphic Transforming Properties with Expressions


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Build an expression in a node type converter to derive the parent of a node

video graphic Finding a parent node using a node type converter expression