Task Overview

Review the tasks you'll perform in Quota Planning. In general, you'll perform tasks in this order.

  1. Set user variables. See Setting User Variables.
  2. Set a quota target for the next planning year at the All Territory or All Resource level. Sales Management or Sales Operations often performs this task. See Setting Quota Targets.
  3. Adjust target quota if needed by product. See Adjusting Targets by Product.
  4. Fine tune the target quota in one of these ways, and if desired, use the revised results for your target quota plan.
  5. When the top level target quota is set, allocate the target quota using top-down planning and make any required adjustments. See Performing Top-Down Planning. The type of planning available is based on how your administrator set up the application:

    • For top-down planning, see Performing Allocations. This is a single step process that pushes the target quota down through all levels of the hierarchy.
    • For top-down waterfall planning, see Performing Waterfall Allocations. This is an iterative process. Each level of the hierarchy has a chance to review the allocated target quota, make adjustments, and then push the allocations down to the next level in the hierarchy.


    If you adjust the overall target quota in Set Targets, you must allocate the target quota again.

  6. If your company uses bottom-up planning, perform bottom-up planning after completing top-down planning. Each level in the hierarchy, starting at the lowest level, reviews their allocated quota, makes any required adjustments, and pushes it up to the next higher level of the hierarchy for review and approval. See Performing Bottom-Up Planning.

    Bottom-up quota planning can be an iterative process, where a sales rep submits their target quota up to their manager, their manager makes an adjustment, and the sales rep reviews and resubmits. Quota Planning maintains two versions of the numbers: target version and bottom-up version.

  7. If required for your business, adjust the final target quota with padding. Someone at or near the top of the hierarchy usually performs this task. See Adjusting Quota Targets by Padding.
  8. Analyze target quota using provided charts, dashboards, and infolets. If you perform both top-down and bottom-up planning you can compare the results. See Analyzing Quota Plans.
  9. Work with reports. See Reporting in Sales Planning, Designing with Financial Reporting Web Studio for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, and Working with Financial Reporting for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

To get started, from the Home page, click Quota Planning Quota Planning icon and then select a component.


You might not see all the features described in this section, depending on what your Administrator has enabled, and the navigation flow might look different depending on what has been set up for your business.

Table 2-1 Quota Planning tasks

Task Perform These Tasks More Information
Set Targets icon Set Targets Set a target quota for the next year and make adjustments before pushing the target quota down to the next level in the hierarchy. Setting targets is the first step in quota planning. Setting Quota Targets
Top Down Planning icon Top Down Planning Perform top-down planning and make adjustments. Performing Top-Down Planning
Bottom Up Planning icon Bottom Up Planning After completing top-down planning, you can also perform bottom-up planning and compare the results. Performing Bottom-Up Planning
Analysis icon Analysis Analyze your quota plans with predefined dashboards. Analyzing Quota Plans


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See how to set quota targets, make forecast predictions, perform what-if analysis, and adjust quota by product using Quota Planning. You also allocate quota by region, apply seasonal adjustments, and set overlay targets.

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Setting and Analyzing Data-Driven Quotas in Sales Planning