Getting Help

If the preceding solutions do not resolve your login issues, seek Oracle's help. See Getting Help From Oracle. Do the following:

  • Generate a Fiddler trace file of your log in session, if possible. See Using Fiddler to Capture Diagnostic Information.

    If you are unable to generate a Fiddler trace file of your session, see the following topics for information on collecting network trace using a browser.

  • If you are able to log in, create a Provide Feedback submission. See Creating a Provide Feedback Submission
  • Create a technical service request. When creating the service request, be sure to select Cloud Hosting Services (Outage,P2T/T2T,Enable SSO,Resize,CloudPortal,MyServices,User/Password,Network,Schedule Maintenance) as the Problem Type.
    Problem type selection while creating technical service request for login problems

    See Submitting a Technical Service Request. The service request must contain the following information:

    • Reference number of the provide Feedback submission that you created in the preceding step.
    • Fiddler trace or HAR file, if possible.
    • Screenshot of the error.
    • Date, time, and time zone when the error occurred.
    • URL of the environment.
    • Specify whether the error occurred for a specific user or for all users.
    • Specify whether the error occurred at one or all locations.
    • Specify whether you are in the production or User Acceptance Testing phase.
    • Specify whether this issue is stopping your entire business operations (for example, preventing you from closing the current financial cycle or creating urgent reports for management) or affecting your go-live date.