15 Setting Up Data Grants

Data grants enable you to apply a level of security to the data stored in a model and to control who can access sensitive or confidential information. You can create data grants for dimension intersections that identify users or groups who are allowed to access that data. At least one model must exist before you can apply a data grant.

Usually, you create data grants only for dimensions to which you need to allow or restrict access; otherwise, you can use the Default Access to set the access for the entire dimension. For example, in the Sample Application, you can set the Default Access to Read for the dimensions that do not need access restriction, and then set your specific data grants on the remaining dimensions, where Default Access is None, to grant access as required.

Carefully constructed data grants can ease security maintenance by adapting automatically to changes in your application, such as members being added or dropped.

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Watch this tutorial video, you'll learn how to create data grants for Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud. As an application administrator you create data grants to enable access to portions of data for users and groups. You create data grants in layers. Each layer refines access.

video icon -- Creating Data Grants.